Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sorry for being MIA for a whole week. Some sad things were happening at work over this past week and I would come home exhausted. Unfortunately over this past week we lost 3 wonderful people at our company. I know the economic times is pretty bad and companies have to make cuts wherever they can. And I am (selfishly) glad to have a job, but sad to see those three amazing ladies go. I do wish them all the very best and hope that even during these times they can find another job, soon.

Now to my card... I always wanted to try a mosaic card and was always hesitant thinking it will be difficult or it will not turn out that way (because I would definitely screw it up somehow). But one day I just gave it a shot... and it's not too bad.
here is my card:

I used a wallpaper border (sticker) and different card stock to make it look like it was a mosaic. I really liked how you can still see the whole image, but it gave it a look of incomplete mosaic.

See ya later! Happy crafting!


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