Friday, November 27, 2009

Black friday

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Did anyone go out shopping today? I did! I really didn't need any big ticket items, so we just went shopping for any good deals. And oh boy did we find them. We bought whole bunch of things at Walgreens (love those rewards) and we of course had to stop by Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby. Here is what I bought there: Jo-Ann's had a sale on the paper packs (buy one get one free) and with additional 20% off it brought the total to only $16 (for 360 pages of paper) YEAH!!!!
AND I know for sure my hubby bought me a Cricut!!!! Can you believe it? I totally can't! I have been hinting for like the longest time and when Jo-Ann advertised their deal for $75 I made sure to give him a copy of that ad :) he-he-he, and when I was getting paper he despaired for few minutes and went to the car. At the end of the day I found a certain box in the garage... woooh, what could it be??? :) If I'm right, I will be posting a picture on Christmas day :)
Can't wait to play with my new paper (so many options).


  1. Wow I was just in Michaels and didn't see the paper deal at mine. What a find!!

  2. Great paper deals!!! I love paper and ribbon - I just can't EVER say no to them! I didn't go out yesterday. I hate the crowds!!! I might have to run out today....but I'm hoping my husband will take care of it, lol!

    Yay on the Cricut! My friends have them but I'll make do with my Slice. Both are made by Provocraft.


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