Thursday, December 17, 2009

little bit about my christmas gifts

Today my post is going to be different. It's not about cards, but instead it's another project I was working christmas gifts. I made few scarves to give out as christmas gifts and here are pictures of two of them. I love blue, so of course I had to make one in my favorite color :) here is the close up. This yarn is super soft and has those cute bouqle which makes it super funky :)

And here is one in purple (I thought it was a very pretty purple). I chrocheted this one, so the pattern looks a little different, but it's still super soft.

I am a total freak when it comes to scarves (totally obsessed). I have like hundreds of different kinds: silk, pashmina, knitted, chrochet, short, long, wide and tiny ones that go around your neck. And since I love it - I feel like people around me could always use a new scarf :) he-he-he.
Well, off I go. Thank you for stopping by!

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