Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lucky me!!!

I am such a lucky girl! As I shared with you guys earlier this year I won a cook book from Jeannie! And last night I received my wonderful super-duper package!
OMG, I was soooooooooooo excited to open it up and here are the goodies that sweet Jeannie sent to me :) And then she was such a sweetie to let me take pictures and share with you. So here we go:
The awesomest cook book
Jeannie is as super cool chickie and her book is super hip too. We all live in a digital world, and she's keeping up with it too :) Her book is digital! How awesome is that? Totally great!!!! I looked through her recipes AND the best part is - each recipe has a picture (I'm such a visual person, I really need to see things, so it was great)
And check out the card that she mailed to me...
Isn't it the best??? It sure is. I love all the details she put into it. And the best part is the bunny's ears - she so curled them up :) How darling!!!!
And she made the inside of the card very pretty too. What a girl she is!
Come and visit her super awesome card boutique HERE - she's got some amazing things!!!!! Jeannie, Thank you sooooo much!


  1. I love Jeanne! It's so cute she made you a cookbook! Popped in to say hi!

  2. Ahhh! Thanks for the shout-out hun! I hope you will enjoy it AND eating healthy. I'm not big on doing without and boring food. Enjoy those cheesecakes!!!


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