Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday... monday...

uuuuh, Monday... Today was the 1st day back to work after being off for little over a week... Sooo much to catch up on, and it's so hard to remember what was done last year and what was not... so if feels like you're starting a new job :) But now that we have a Monday over with, the rest of the week should be a breeze :)
Unfortunately I didn't get to finish my card today. I started working on one and then did coloring for another and ended up not finishing either one of the cards, so I don't have a card to share today. But I thought I would take this time to answer Carla's question. Carla asked what kind of flowers I used on my anniversary card. Here is the picture of the flowers I used.
I bought these at Michael's in their wedding isle. There is whole bunch of them in the bucket and it was like $5, but I used 50% coupon, so it was much less (gotta love those coupons)...they come in many different colors, I bought mine in blue. They are made of shimmery card stock, so it gives some shimmer, but I like to use stickles to them too for more shine and sparkle.
Take care!!! See ya tomorrow!


  1. ooh those are fabulous and what a deal too!

  2. Oooh ...I bought some of the white ones not too long ago but haven't used them yet.

  3. I just bought the white ones today- they were on sale- just the white. I am so excited to see them used on a project- they look really nice! TFS!

  4. love those flowers, will have to check out my Mikes.

  5. Michael's and JoAnn's are like crack houses to me, lol!! Gotta love the coupons, yes!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hopefully today will be smoother for ya!

  6. Love the flowers! I've never thought to look in the bridal section for stuff like this...gonna have to now!


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