Saturday, January 30, 2010

A yummy delicious award... for me?

Hello and happy Saturday!!!
I received this yummy delicious award from a wonderful, funny and talented Micki Switzer. She was soooooooo sweet to pass this award to me. I met Micki through GlitterBees Group and greatly enjoy knowing her, she's always so positive, gives me great support, leaves me sweet comments and she loves cats!!!! (as do I).
So here is my award:
10 Things That Bring Me Pleasure:
1. Hearing "I love you" from my hubby (also from my brothers and my parents)
2. The fact that I still have my parents (even though we live on different ends of this planet)
3. My car (no, my car is not fancy, I'm only happy about the fact that I don't have to walk to my work or take public transportation)
4. Walk in botanical garden... it's so peaceful and relaxing
5. Crafty stuff (yes, this counts shopping for anything crafty and also making things)
6. Babysitting for my friends (and I only hope that one day I'll be able to have a little one of my own)
7. Actually creating something for someone else and seeing their reaction
8. Cheese Cake
9. Good quality coffee (ok, no sugar, no cream - just good quality, great flavor coffee)
10. Cat Purring

Thank you again, Micki! And now I pass on this award to 10 of my friends (please check out your inboxes, I sent it to you by email).

Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. You deserve this award...and thank you for such sweet comments about me.... Now I have the "big head" they say here in the South. Mmmm Cheesecake, Coffee and're my kind of friend!!!!

  2. congrats on award! and I'm all ready for the cheesecake and coffee LOL...enjoyed getting to know some about you (:

  3. Congrats Annie! I'm with ya on the cheesecake. I've tried 23 cheesecake varieties from the cheesecake factory! YUM

  4. Great things!!! I love those questionaires!!


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