Wednesday, February 3, 2010

true love

Happy Wednesday!!
Hope you guys had a great day. I did, except one little thing that happend this morning... there was no water pressure in my shower this morning (well in the master bathroom, but there was in another one)... it was so wierd, my hubby is suposed to call a plummer so we'll see what was wrong. But it's not a good way to start your day.
Other than that the day was good, nice smooth day at work and after work I got to play in my crafty corner (yeah!!!) and I made this very simple card...
I bought a huge page of love stickers and wanted to use them really badly, so I just used light-light yellow textured card stock for my background and used different stickers.
To decorate it little more I used 3D pain in 3 colors: white, pink and blue. I really liked this color combo, it reminds me of a nice cake with good icing... looks yummy :)
Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. It DOES look yummy!! Great job! I haven't crafted in a week and now I'm so behind!!!

  2. So pretty, that 3D paint really adds great texture. Now you have me thinking about cake!

  3. What a sweet card! Love the texture with the 3D paint!

  4. I love the texture- such a creative idea- love it!

  5. Annie this is beautiful and a great way to use stickers

    Hope your shower's fixed :)


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