Thursday, April 8, 2010

Be thankful for your health

OMG, I who would've ever known...
Monday evening I went to the urgent care with stomach pain, and they rushed me to the ER where they told me I had appendicitis and it had to be operated on ASAP. "Holly crap" (were my exact words), because I thought it was my occasional stomach pains and I was actually going to stay home and tough it out... my husband was the one to drag me to the Urgent care. So my husband just saved my life...
Moral of this story: Listen to your hubby, he might be a guy, but sometimes he knows what he's talking about
At about 2am on Tuesday morning I had my surgery, went to ICU at 4am and later on moved to the regular room where I stayed until late Wednesday.
I am home now and soooo happy to have my own bed and my own pillow :) And the shower has never felt this good before :)
Anyway, thank you for listening! Be thankful for your health when you have it and if something ever is not right - have it checked out. The type of pain I had was not your "usual" appendix symptoms at all, so I would have never thought it would be appendix... Anyway, if something goes wrong - have it checked out. It is always better to know. :)
Thank you, God and Dear Hubby, for watching over me!!!!


  1. Oh Annie, glad you're home now. How scary! Take good care of yourself :) Big Hugs to ya!

  2. Annie, how scarey! Glad your DH made you go. Take care and hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Yikes- glad you went to the ER! The really bad thing about appendix issues is if it bursts, the pain goes away- then people get really sick! Pat your hubby on the back- good call- and feel better!!!

  4. OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you are ok!! You really could have died - yikes! I'm so grateful you are still with us!!

    Gentle hugs!! I couldn't bear to lose you!!!!

  5. OMGoodness, Annie. I wish I was closer so I could visit you but the internet will have to suffice. I hope you are feeling better. That hubby of yours is a good guy and I think we will keep him....LOL Let me know if you need anything...

  6. Whew! Glad your hubby was persistent!! Hope you heal quickly!!! Take care!

  7. So glad your well and at home!

  8. wow I totally am out of the loop! Glad you are back and ok!

  9. Oh my gosh Annie, I was away at the end of last week and just catching up. So sorry you had this happen, but good call on your hubby's part. Take care of yourself and rest up.

  10. Good grief Annie, I've been reading back and wondering what you were poorly with - you poor thing! I'm so glad you are making a good recovery, nothing like being back in your own bed in your own home, is there?

    Glittery hugs from Anne


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