Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter is soo sooon

Yes! I finally completed all my Easter cards and mailed them all out early this week. I feel like I am so behind on things (I totally screwed up my Valentine's Day cards and St. Patty's...), but at least I finished my Easter cards :)
These are super easy cards (I kinda cheated) by using magazine photos :) My hubby once ordered some flowers where they deliver to your home, so now that company sends me their catalogs, and OMG, their pictures are really nice and their paper is nice and thick - sooo I figured why not to put it to use? So I did and here are my cards:
I like this one the best... I like this pink and purple combo :)
As you see I used the same cuttlebug folder for all of them and just used different colors...
And here is the last one...
I know these are super simple, but when you're on time crunch - it works :) Thank you for stopping by and leaving me some love.
Wish you and your families a very Happy Easter!!!


  1. Happy Easter to a dear sweet blogging friend!!

  2. Your cards are just Gorgeous! I love the idea of using pretty pictures on the cards- love the CB backgrounds too. Hope you have an wonderful Easter!!!

  3. Such a clever idea, they look fabulous:)

    Happy Easter, hugs

  4. These are BEAUTIFUL!! What a great way to recycle!!

    Happy Easter!

  5. what a great idea and they are fabulous. Of course after I read your blog this weekend I spent hours fiddling with the different layouts on blogger now... love yours!

  6. These are great! What a smart and "green" idea to use those catalogs. I'm going to have to try this.

  7. What a great idea to use the pics from mags. All of them are wonderful Annie.

  8. What a brilliant idea!!!! You are SO creative!! Love it and they are all truly gorgeous!


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