Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am in

Hello and hope you are enjoying your day!
I know I'm being silly, but I am super-duper excited about participating in my first challenge. It was so great to see an image of my card somewhere else besides my desktop and my blog :) he-he-he. I was having some technical difficulties, but Marie from "The Greeting Farm" was such a darling and helped me out. Thank you, Marie!!!!
So now I'm in.
Remember when you are a kid your parents always tell you "it does not matter if you win - the main thing is to participate"? Well now I know exactly what they meant. I was supper excited to work on this card and then even more excited to see it on "The Greeting Farm" blog, so I am totally happy now and can't wait for another challenge :)

will come back later with a card...

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