Saturday, March 27, 2010

feel like I need something new...

I've been wanting to change my blog background for some time. And then this Friday I received an email from Blogger support team announcing that they have a new program to help you change your templates, backgrounds and all. I just had to play with it. They sure do offer a lot of different backgrounds (I so totally could not make my mind, so I just went with the blue) :)
But the main thing - I always wanted to have a 3 column layout and now I can. If you want to check it out - visit them at: Once you're there you'll click the link and the application will automatically appear on your blog. I'm sure I'll be playing more with that to see what else I can change...


  1. oooooh that was fun...I had a good time finding new themes....thanks for the heads up Annie-girl

  2. Fun background, thanks for the link Annie

  3. Very pretty! There are soooo many sites that offer free backgrounds, blinkies, etc. Pretty fabulous stuff!

  4. I love it Annie, reminds me of cherry blossoms, so pretty. The blue color is very soothing, too. I may go check out the link.


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