Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Note cards...

For some reason I got into note cards lately. I guess it's because I've been using them a lot lately and feel I should have more on hand, so I don't have to rush and make one last minute...

So I made two versions. Here is one:

And here is the second one. Instead of a ribbon I used brown yarn and blue beads. I also didn't round the corners and didn't put a sentiment on the front...

Now I'm starting my stash of note cards again (4 down and more to go) :)
... the weekends always fly by way too fast... can't wait for this weekend....
Hope you guys enjoy your week!


  1. They are beautiful Annie! I love the rounded corners on the first, and the beads on the second design look fabulous!

  2. Nice!!! I particularly love the beaded one - very original and pretty!!!

  3. These are super cute and you will love having them around. I like the rounded corners the best but they are both fantastic.

  4. These are great, I really like the bead details on the second set, that is a great touch. I know what you mean, the weekends just fly by, doesn't seem right!

  5. Both are great. Its always nice to have some note cards around.

  6. I always need a notecard- never have any on hand- love this idea. I really like the beads you used to-great embellishment!

  7. Great idea to build up a stash, these are so pretty


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