Wednesday, November 11, 2009

another birthday card

Good evening!
I didn't think that other birthday card was special enough, so I made my dear hubby another birthday card... here it is:

I don't have those super-duper copic markers (actually just one - "sand"). I own a box of regular watercolor pencils and regular markers from Hobby Lobby. So the coloring takes longer for me, but now that I bought some watercolor paper - it makes it sooo much easier. The image I used is a digital stamp from Jessica Lynn originals. And I cut letters with cuttlebug. Oh yes, and I gave my Brentwod (that's the name of this owl) a sweater :)

Yes, you guessed right! My hubby's name is Sean :)

Happy birthday, sweetie!!!!


  1. Hi Ann
    This is a cute card (cute is probably not what your husband wants to here), but I really like this little owl. And I only had one copic for a long time too....a flesh.
    And thanks for the nice comments on my blog, you're so sweet.

  2. Awesome coloring. Love the look of this card!


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